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Here at Creative Design Solutions Inc., we have easily become one of Michiana's best Architects due to our passion and precision. If you are looking for Commercial Architects in Michiana or Industrial Architects in Michiana, you have come to the right place!
Our Commercial and Industrial Services include:



and of course, other types of creative, yet solid architectural design.



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Legend Park


Our belief is that Architecture is the fusing of elements from both art and science and, of course, our Architectural Services echo this philosophy from start to finish. Architecture is the heart of all things at Creative Design Solutions Inc. and its form, space, and ambiance reflect functional, technical, social, environmental, and aesthetic conditions.
Here at CDS, we handle everything when it comes to Architecture! The technology, light and shadow, and of course, code and requirements.

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Creative Design Solutions focuses its maximum attention on the design of your building through passion, practice and perfection. We take your ideas and turn them into Architectural realities through drawings, experience, licensing and implantation. No matter what you are dreaming up, we can put the ideas from paper into full-forced real-life works of art.


Consulting is something that we take extremely seriously as we know that the majority of the population doesn't thoroughly understand Architecture and Design. We want to make sure that our customers and our clients fully understand what it takes to accomplish their wants, needs and desires. If you fully understand what it takes to get to the finished product, it makes the process that much easier. We also want to be able to give you the ability and knowledge to make choices throughout the entire process and fully understand what will work and what may not.

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3-D Scanning

Our 3-D Scanning makes the entire process, for you, just that much easier as you can begin to see your building come to life before the construction actually starts. We use the highest-end 3-D Scanners in the business to ensure everything, to the smallest detail is in place, promising you that, quite literally, what you see is what you get.


The Interior Design of your space can depict how you feel, act, think and even react to everyday life and here at Creative Design Solutions, we believe this space is as important as the foundation of your building. Through Interior Design, we integrate creativity and passion through research and expertise, creating the best possible space for your personality.

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Master Planning and Strategic Facility Planning are one of the most important steps of the Architectural process. We know how imperative looking at each and every angle and obstacle in every situation so that if something is to arise, we already have planned ahead to find the best way around it. 
Our team is skilled to plan ahead by providing an accurate forecast, analyzing finances correctly so there are no surprises, keeping to schedule, engaging in real estate transactions, assisting with site selection, and of course, working within our client's requirements.


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We employ an inclusive verification process that provides an extremely solid risk-management policy for you and your company, covering you in more ways than one. In our experience, creating a solid relationship between ourselves at CDS and the owner of your company, contractors, jurisdictional authorities and all other project contributors ensures a painless transition from start to finish. 
We will monitor the ongoing construction for conformity to construction drawings and specifications. These legal documents are a very important component of the contract between the owner and the general contractor.
At certain parts of this process, your assigned Architect will act as the owner's representative and agent, taking a heavy weight from your shoulders. 

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Because we hold the utmost respect and appreciation for the environment we live in, we hold sustainable practices and initiatives in high regard, protecting the habitat around us. We offer specialized and sustainable services that establish efficient and cost-effective value and provide inspiration and connectivity that optimizes recourses and creates durable and long-lasting environments.

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Evidence-Based Design is reliant on credible evidence to influence design throughout each and every project that we take on. This design is based mainly on Healthcare Facilities and Building Projects. These designs help to reduce stress and are multi-faceted, meaning it is a wonderful work environment for staff, a healing environment for patients and families, and it's a business and cultural environment for the organization looking to fulfill its mission.

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As time goes on, licenses and codes for Healthcare Facilities change, putting owners at risk within their pre-existing buildings. We at Creative Design Solutions have vast experience when it comes to licensing and re-licensing facilities including those in the Healthcare field. This Service will eliminate stress while at the same time, saving you and your company money and, possibly even more importantly, time.

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Wayfinding is the concept of informing building patrons of their surroundings in a space that is unfamiliar to them. This tells the person where they are located, where their desired location is, and how to get from point A to point B. These systems are based on human behavior and incorporate concise, comprehensive, and consistent visual communications, making it easier for our consumers to understand. Our approach is to proceed with caution while proceeding carefully, considering the physical environment, organizational requirements, corporate culture, and the needs of the user.

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Each project starts with a Consultation so that we can begin to fully understand exactly what it is that you are looking for.
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