Creative Design Solutions, Inc., or CDS, is among one of Michiana’s Best Architects providing the area with gorgeous displays of Architecture, Interior Design, and Architectural Planning Services. We specialize in Markets such as Health Care Facility Architecture, Educational Facility Architecture, Senior Living Architecture, Commercial Architecture, Religious Architecture, Sacred Space Architecture, and of course, Industrial Architecture.

With 50-plus years of combined experience, we at Creative Design Solutions have a complete understanding of what it means to deliver excellence within all things Architecture and Design. Our skills and vast experience complement our goals and provide you with the very best results possible. More so, our commitment to each and every client is unmatched when it comes to satisfaction and guarantee.

We aren’t satisfied with meeting our client's expectations. We want to exceed them. And we will.


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Why Choose Us 

Our goal at Creative Design Solutions, Inc. is to bring your dreams to life whether your field is in Healthcare, Apartment Complexes, Education, or anywhere within the community. We strive for greatness, creativity, and durability so, not only are you wowing the general public, but your creation stands to last the test of time. 

We take each and every step of our process extremely seriously from initial Design and Planning all the way to the finishing touches of your masterpiece ensuring that your establishment is built correctly and in a timely manner.

At Creative Design Solutions, we value our community and those who are in it and we recognize how imperative the success of any large or small business is. Because of this, we have gladly paired with endless amounts of local businesses to help them achieve their goals and have assisted them on their road to success through Creative Design and Architecture in Michiana. 
We have been active in giving back to the Michiana community through companies such as:

The Salvation Army
American Institute of Architects
Camp Fire Boys and Girls
Hello Gorgeous! of Hope Inc
The Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend
as well as other organizations



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We Believe in Developing Relationships
With People We Can Trust.

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Creative Design Solutions
Is So Significant To Us.
They Have Earned Our Trust!

Beacon Health System


We understand that the basis of any great relationship is honesty, integrity, and communication; Things we excel greatly in. We aim to build not only a strong physical building foundation but also a strong relationship foundation between ourselves and each and every client that we partner with. 

Architecture and Interior Design are what we do best. At Creative Design Solutions, we want to make you feel comfortable with Our Design, Our Team, and Our Execution. Our relationships are built on exceptional client service with personal interaction, a thorough understanding of your company's needs and objectives, constant communication from project conception to completion, and most importantly, exceeding all expectations. 

Furthermore, our success is due to our extraordinary passion for the work that we present and for the results that we achieve, our ability to adapt and accommodate diversified projects, our individual and zealous approach to each and every project, and our Christian-centered values which drive us to handle our business dealings, employees and clients the right way.


At Creative Design Solutions, we understand that a personal touch can be the difference between a good experience and a bad one. Because of this, we keep a small team of individuals so that our approach and our performance are managed with the highest of expectations and absolutely no exceptions. Our team shares the same cohesive and collective ideas, intact with positive morals and the customer in mind through and through for each project taken on. 
Our entire team holds, at minimum a bachelor's Degree in Architecture or in Interior Design and all three of our Architects are registered in the state of Indiana and are accredited for reciprocity in other states by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. 


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Gary Hall
Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Gary has worked in the field of Architectural Design for over 25 years. He has worked extensively in the areas of design, planning, project management, code analysis and construction adminstration.
Gary has a wealth of experience in Healthcare Design, having spent a good portion of the last decade focused solely in that concentration. In addition, he has been involved in numerous commercial, industrial, faith-based, educational, elder living and transportation projects.
Sean Frederick
Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Sean Frederick plays a primary role in overseeing the day to day operations of the firm. One of his daily concerns is to be sure that CDS is doing the best job possible to deliver exceptional service to our clients.
Sean has worked on a variety of building types. While his focus lately has been in Industrial Design, he also has experience with Healthcare, Senior Living, College and Universities, Libraries, Multi-Family Living and even a full scale Noah's Ark Replica.
Andrew Roche
Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Andrew has a vast experience in all aspects of architectural design from initial client meetings and program development, through construction documentation and adminstration.
Andrew has successfully led projects ranging from small additions and renovations to new multi-million dollar facilities. Working for over 22 years in the profession, he has expertise in projects types including Hospitality, Healthcare, Community Centers, University Based Living and Sacred Spaces.
Sarah Mitchell
Interior Designer
Sarah is a certified Interior Designer whose focus is to enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of interior spaces. An Indiana native, Sarah graduated from Purdue University with a BFA in Interior Design.
Sarah is passionate about design and creating spaces that inspire. With over 10 years of design experience in Senior Living, Healthcare, Faith-Based, Higher Education and Commercial Design, her experience allows her to capitalize on her abilities to analyze, evaluate and resolve challenges in a timely manner and within budget.
Dustin Woolsey
Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Dustin is well-versed in the complexities of healthcare and has contributed to a wide range project types over his 15 year career. He is experienced in all phases of the process.
Dustin has an eye for detail and extensive experience navigating code/regulatory requirements as well as performing life safety and risk assessments. In all projects, Dustin remains focused on delivering the best solutions based on client's needs while taking into consideration timelines and budgets.