Memorial Hospital Emergency Room

The Memorial Emergency Department Remodel included reviewing the security concerns of the Department.

We reviewed the security sequence from the moment a person steps on to the campus until they are triaged and proceed to a Emergency Department Treatment Bay.  Our design series included full architectural and interior service for the  renovation of the entire Triage area including a new reception area, new waiting areas, and new security integration throughout.  The waiting area improvements included a dedicated children's space.  

Special Features / Conditions

Due to security concerns identified by CDS during the planning process, all points along the way from the entry/parking garage to the reception counter have override controlled sliding glass doors.  The reception has an integrated security station and was designed and built to be bullet resistant (up to level 3).  Sliding control windows allow transaction at the reception station.  Once a patient, staff personal, or visitor is approved and identified , entry to the waiting area is granted through a controlled sliding door.  The waiting area is separated from the Triage and Waiting Area Reception Station through additional bullet resistant construction and security controlled doors.  

Project Specs

South Bend, Indiana

TRC Worldwide Engineering MEP,LLC


Construction Cost:

Project Size:
2,932 Sq. Ft
1 Stories

Delivery Method:
Traditional (Design/Bid)

Year Completed:

Contact Reference:  
Larry Lies - Director of Projects 
Beacon Health System 
Property Management Services

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